Who I Am

For more than 14 years, digital has been my life. It's how I got my start, and it's where I want to be. I specialize in content and creative experiences, with a long history in writing and creative direction. With more than five years as a creative director under my belt — and more than 14 years in the digital world — I know how to use technology to create meaning and deliver results. I've overseen teams of all flavors — creative, UX, development and strategy — and I've worn hats in each of these departments. I've led strategic and creative projects for clients like Arby's, AT&T, Char-Broil, Coca-Cola, Fannie Mae Foundation, Kroger, Nutro, Orkin, PGi, SAP, TBS, Weather Channel, Windstream and more. I love what I do, and I think it shows.

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Slices of Life

For those of us who work in digital, our personal and business lives are intertwined. I'm a reader, a writer, a traveler, a runner, a nature lover, a digital lurker and a mom of two.


    Growing a Brand

    As part of the pitch team for Nutro, it was my baby from the start. It didn’t hurt that the subject matter was fun and close to my heart. We were AOR for Nutro for four years, including several sub-brands (namely Ultra & Greenies), and our work spanned everything from site development and CRM to digital campaigns and product launches. I quickly got to know the Nutro brand so I could glean the right insights and find the right ways to resonate, and ultimately I oversaw nearly every piece of work we did for them.

    • Nutro.com Site Redesign
    • Greenies Joint Care Product Launch
    • Nutro Ultra Site Redesign
    • Greenies Site Redesign

    Ecosystem Results

    The Nutro work was highly successful in many ways. We elevated their digital properties to a place Nutro had never been, and we built an integrated ecosystem that worked together to drive results. Our digital thinking influenced their traditional marketing, and our campaigns performed far beyond expectations. I led creative, content and strategy for the account in general, and helped build the relationship all along the way.

    Small Breed Showdown · Facebook App
    Joint Care Product Story · Online Experience
    Large Breed Awarness · Digital Media Campaign
    Catch & Fetch · Rich Media Banner
    Know Your Small Breed · Online Experience
    Nutro Newsletter · CRM Campaign
    Greenies Product Page · Website


    Making Connections

    Building better connections is what digital is all about, which is why working with PGi was particularly interesting. I helped lead the initial pitch, and was a key player in the relationship throughout our two-year engagement with them. As a technology-led, user-driven company, PGi wanted a partner who could help re-face the company starting with digital — and we did just that.

    • PGi.com Site Redesign
    • iMeet.com Site Redesign
    • GlobalMeet.com Site Redesign
    • PGi Learn Strategy
    • PGi Social Properties
    • PGi Mobile Site

    Interface First

    PGi needed a personality that reflected their innovative approach but also their customer's appetite for savvy products. Working directly with the CEO and CMO, I led the development of a new experience paradigm, robust content infrastructure and a mobile site, among other initiatives. I got to know the PGi products and user needs forwards and backwards, and I helped develop and champion the company’s new look-and-feel organization-wide.

    iMeet Product Page · Website
    GlobalMeet Product Page · Website
    GoaToMeeting · Digital Media Campaign
    Meeting #Fail · Rich Media Banner
    Meeting Maddness · Digital Media Campaign
    Selecting Images · PGi Styleguide
    Creating Icons · PGi Styleguide


    Branching Out

    Over the years of working with Orkin, I discovered I’m fascinated by bugs — as long as they’re not touching me. What started as a site redesign with pure acquisition goals became a long-standing relationship that ran the digital gamut, from online media and campaign development to branded utility and a full-scale rebranding effort. Orkin’s various digital activities have delivered big results, with banners that outperform year after year and platforms that consistently generate leads.

    Through some of our research, we found the world full of more bug enthusiasts than one might expect. I oversaw the creation of platforms that tap into that network, including innovative, responsive creative, content strategy and original content development. During this process, I also learned a few facts about cockroaches that I can’t erase from my brain.

    • The Orkin Ecologist
    • Orkin Man.com
    • The Pest Project
    • Orkin.com Resdesign
    • Orkin Social Properties

    A Long Engagement

    As our relationship with Orkin grew, I helped the company stretch creatively, resulting in improved presence, lead generation and brand awareness. I led efforts to create content-rich experiences that paved the way for Orkin’s rebranding, a general repositioning founded in the company’s dedication to science. We worked with Orkin’s traditional agency to tell the new brand story online, and I’ve helped define how the company reacts digitally to people who’ve seen a pest versus those who want preventive help.

    Orkin Ecologist Infographic · Online Experience
    Orkin Pest Project · Online Experience
    Afriad of the Dark · Rich Media Banner Ad
    Detail Orkin Ecologist · Online Experience
    Bugs Bite · Digital Media Campaign
    Orkin Man · Online Experience
    Pest Threat · Online Utility